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Options - Misc.

Set main / mame window position: The windows can be automatically placed at startup. Specify a postion or click "Get Current Position" to get the actual position.
Timestamp chat: The time will be set in front of every line in the chat. When playing a recording the time from the recording will be used.
Enable logging: The whole chat will be saved. For every account a log will be created and new text will be appended. Different accounts will not overwrite the other logs.
Save current Seddion as RTF-File: The chat will be saved as rtf file. This file is colored but is overwritten with every new session.
Show BPMs: The own BPM (Blocks per minute) will be calculated at the end of every game.
Show BPMs in realtime: The own BPM (Blocks per minute) will be calculated every second and displayed in the game window.
Set foreground window: When checked the currently active window will automatically brought to the foreground. For example, when a game starts the game window pops to the front.
Restore / minimize X window with Y window: When minimizing the game window, for example, the main window will also be minimized. Same with maximizing. If you want all or none window maximized / minimized you avoid a click.
Hide server commands: Server commands will not be written to chat when typed in. Some commands like '/msg' will still be written to chat to control what's been written.

Options - Controls

Keyboard input: Identical to the original. Click one entry and then press the desired key.
Mouse input: Very experimental. Pretty unusable but feel free to check it out.