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Hotkeys The list contains the currently defined hotkeys. The first part is the text followed by the key and the modifier.
Add: Adds a new hotkey. The second dialog will be opened to specify the hotkey.
Edit: Same effect as double clicking an entry in the list. The second dialog will also be opened but the fields are allready filled with the hotkey to be edited.

Text: Enter the text that should be triggered by the hotkey. The text is posted immediately. Strings seperated by a semicolon (;) will be seperately postet.
Initiate Countdown: The hotkey won't be a text message but will trigger a three second countdown. After these three seconds the game will be started (you need to be the moderator).
Insert only: The text message will not be postet immediately but will be written to the chat field. Thus you can change the the text before sending. If several strings are specified (connected by ';') the first strings are posted and the last message is copied to the chat field.
Key: Enter the key here that should be the hotkey.
Ctrl/Alt/Shift: The modifier for the key. It's not a good idea to specify just an 'a' as the hotkey, for example. The hotkey would trigger every time you write an 'a' to the chat. You can choose none or up to all three modifiers.