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Creating / Using Accounts

Current servers: List of current accounts. These accounts will be included in the main window's menu.
Delete: The marked account will be deleted and removed from the menu.
Edit: Same as double clicking an entry. The entries of this account will be displayed in the appropriate fields below.
Account Name: Name of the account. The account will be included under this name in the main window's menu. This name has no effect on the login or communication with the server.
Name / IP: Needs to be a valid name or ip of the chosen server.
Port: There's normally no need to change this entry. There's no known server listening on another port yet.
Nickname on server: Enter your designated name on the server here. Notice that a name can only be used once at the same time on the same server.
Teamname on server: Optional. If you're playing in a team you can enter the name here. You can always change / leave / join a team through the main window's menu. Notice: In TSpec mode the teamname is used as the password.
TetriNET: You have to choose a game mode for this account. TetriNET is the standard game mode.
TetriFast: A modification of TetriNET. The block delays are removed resulting in a much faster game.
TSpec: TSpec is not a regular game mode, it's for spectating only. Only allowed on a few servers. Notice: In TSpec mode the teamname is used as the password.
Save: The account will be saved and included into the main window's menu. If the account's allready existing you will be asked if you want to update the account.
Connect: Connects to the specified server but doesn't save the account. The idea is to load an allready existing account, just changing the nickname (for example) and quickly connecting to the server without altering the account. Notice: The changes will be saved under the Quick Connect account.

Creating a new account

Creating an account is pretty easy. Just fill the entries under "Settings" and click on "Save". You should see the new account in the list and also in the main window's menu.
Remember that the teamname is optional and can be changed at any time through the menu.

Using an account

Just click on an entry in the menu "Server" -> "Connect". The previously specified entries will be used to enter the server.