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What is aTwin?

aTwin, the alternative TetriNET client for Windows. This clone combines several improvements to the original client / TetriNET protocol (tetrifast, tspec, recordings, hotkeys, logging, themes) into one client.

For an overview see Features.


aTwin B1.3 released, 27.02.2005
Some new things like statistics, hideable game window and the "/rewind" command for recs.
Some fixes and improvements like the "/me" emote and "lvl 0 0" identification. See changelog for Details.
bbb has made a nice japanese translation of aTwin that has now been added to the project's downloads.

aTwin B1.2 released, 05.11.2004
Daniel Teske supplied a patch solving the speed problem of the chat. Some minor improvements have been made (See changelog).

aTwin B1.1 released, 02.09.2004
This is the first release of aTwin, the alternative TetriNET client for windows. If you find any bugs feel free to contact us.
Special thanks go to the staff of tetrinet.de for very extensive beta testing and ideas for improvements.